Our Capabilities

Customized Container Solutions and Expedited Logistics

MegaChem is known for JIT delivery of in-stock industrial containers. For many of our customers, our custom products and logistics services have proven to be invaluable for maintaining and improving their bottom line.

Custom Labels/Design/Decoration

MegaChem offers personalized labeling, designs, and unique decorations to enhance the presentation and branding of our customers’ products.

Custom Mold

Custom molding services are available, allowing clients to produce containers that meet specific shape, size, and design requirements.


MegaChem handles the complete order process from storage to shipping, ensuring that products reach their end destinations efficiently and accurately.


MegaChem guarantees fast turnaround and in some case same-day delivery, ensuring that our customers receive their orders promptly when time is of the essence.

In-stock industrial Containers

We maintain a vast inventory of ready-to-ship industrial containers, ensuring immediate delivery for urgent requirements.

Warehousing Solutions: Inventory Control, Vendor Managed, Load/SKU Consolidation

Our comprehensive warehousing solutions include meticulous inventory management, vendor coordination, and load or SKU consolidation to optimize storage and distribution processes.


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