About Us

Providing Solutions, Not Just Products.

“Our purpose is to exceed expectations in our service and products resulting in success for both the customer and MegaChem.”

Our Mission

To deliver unparalleled service and products that drive mutual success for our customers and us.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on nurturing lasting relationships with our clients. Our dedication ensures you receive products on time and within budget.

Fast Delivery

Centrally located in North Carolina, MegaChem guarantees rapid shipment. With a fully stocked warehouse and trusted partnerships with carriers, whether you need a truckload or just a pallet, place your order by noon, and it ships the same day.

Our Story

MegaChem’s roots trace back to 1979 when Ron Owen and Bill Pieper laid its foundation as Materials Marketing Associates. By 1982, with new leadership under Cliff Barton, the company transformed into MegaChem, focusing exclusively on industrial containers. The company underwent several significant transitions, including its acquisition by WinterBell in 2001 and its eventual independent status under Richard Lewis in 2018. Today, after over four decades in business, MegaChem operates out of a 45,000 sq. ft facility in High Point, ever-evolving and committed to delivering unparalleled value.

Core Values - "CAFI"

Community Focused

As a family-owned, locally operated business, we’re invested in our region and provide a personal touch with every interaction.


We prioritize the customer, ensuring quality, integrity, and attention to every detail.


We’re dedicated to meeting your needs, ensuring customer satisfaction at every step.


More than just products, we offer outside-the-box solutions.


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