Amazing Customer Service

MegaChem has worked hard over the years to build a reputation for friendly, professional service. We think of our relationships with customers as a valuable partnership. We know you are depending on us to deliver quality products on time and within budget and we work tirelessly to meet or exceed your expectations.

In Stock & Ready for Delivery

Megachem maintains a fully stocked warehouse and has developed strong relationships with local LTL and T/L freight carriers so our customers benefit from rapid, on-time shipment of their orders. With our facilities located in central North Carolina, we are able to provide overnight service to roughly one third of the country’s population and same day delivery to many of our regional customers. Whether you want a truck load or a pallet, orders received by noon today, ship today.

Our goal each day is to exceed customer service expectations and provide the highest quality products at a price point that facilitates success for both the customer and MegaChem.

MegaChem History

Ron Owen, originally from Reidsville, NC, found himself working for a coating, adhesive, sealant, and elastomer distribution company in Texas. After spending many hot days in Texas, Ron desperately wanted to return to his native NC. Using the market and product knowledge gained in Texas; Ron figured he could move back to NC and start a distribution company based on the same model as the company he worked for in Texas. Ron invited a business associate, Bill Pieper, from Cincinnati to join him, and in 1979 they started Materials Marketing Associates.

After a year into their new business they saw opportunities in the industrial container market that served as packaging for the coatings, adhesive, sealant, and elastomer products they were selling. Cliff Barton was introduced to the business in 1980. Cliff worked six years in the chemical and polymers market with Union Carbide and had spent his last 20+ years working for a raw material and container supplier in High Point, NC. Cliff also had aspirations of owning his own company and he joined Ron and Bill in 1980 and they changed the name of the company to MegaChem. After two years the partnership was not going as initially intended and Cliff bought both Ron and Bill out in 1982.

In 1982 MegaChem was a new company with new ownership. Cliff Barton hit the road as the new owner and worked the southeast extensively. The initial distribution business consisted of both raw materials and containers, but as time passed Cliff realized that the raw materials required extensive testing and a much longer sales cycle than the industrial container business did. Cliff began changing MegaChem’s business model and the focus shifted over entirely to industrial containers. Cliff ran the business for close to twenty years when he was approached by Winter, Bell Company with an interest to buy the business.

Winter, Bell is a paperboard packaging company that was looking to diversify into some new markets that were related to packaging. Cliff was not quite ready to retire, but agreed to sell the business in 2001 and stay on as a consultant for a transition period to help train Winter, Bell staff on the market and the products. Cliff also introduced Winter, Bell sales and management to MegaChem’s suppliers and customers.

MegaChem Team

MegaChem Team

MegaChem has been in business for over thirty-five years with the last fifteen as a wholly owned subsidiary of Winter, Bell Company. MegaChem continues to grow its business by offering new products, exploring new markets, and providing exceptional quality at the finest service levels. This is the value proposition MegaChem offers, and as a closely knit family owned business, this is the way we want to do business with both our suppliers and customers.