Round and F-Style Tin Containers

Round Tin

Gallon: Lined, Unlined (includes covers and bails), with Bails (handles), without Bails

1/2 Gallon: Lined

Quart: Lined, Unlined

Pint: Lined, Unlined

1/2 Pint: Lined, Unlined

1/4 Pint: Unlined

We also carry gallon lid clips. They are used for maximum security in shipping.

F-Style Tin

Gallon: 1 3/4, 2 7/8 or 1 1/4 Screw Caps. REL opening

Quart: 1 1/4 Screw Caps. REL opening

Pint: 1 1/4 Screw Caps

5 Gallon: Plug Cap